Online Photo Analysis Particle Size Measurement

WipWare is an industry leader in optical granulometry of fragmented material. Their products include WipFrag Desktop, WipFrag Momentum, WipFrag  Reflex and  WipFrag Solo, and are used to measure unconsolidated material from muck-pile images, moving on conveyors, moving in LHD vehicles or falling from dump trucks. WipFrag products are used by hundreds of customers worldwide which include major mining and quarrying  groups.

It is critical to understand your existing process performance, in order to understand how to improve it. The information provided by WipWare particle sizing systems is comprehensive and allows end users to make important process optimization decisions based on real time  process data. This capability saves countless millions in electrical, mechanical, chemical and environmental costs.

  • WipFrag technology has been validated (tested and accepted) by many universities, research organizations, aggregate producers, mining companies and government agencies.
  • Superior edge detection, optimized code and high-speed processors allow WipWare to provide real-time results
  • WipWare components carry mission critical designations; They are capable of running 24 / 7 under high load in volatile environments
  • WipWare products have superior connectivity and are currently capable of communicating with over 500 different control systems
  • WipWare products are more versatile and scalable than alternative technologies
  • WipWare continuously develops new products to fit the needs of industry
  • WipWare has a high frequency of repeat customers