Test Sieve Shakers

Test Sieve Shakers for Particle Size Distribution and Analysis

Test Sieve Shakers are used to separate sieveable products into single fractions. Reproducible test sieve results can be achieved in the shortest possible time. Hand sieving, which is the basis of the total separation technique, can be accurately replicated.

Haver Test Sieve Shakers produce a three-dimensional sieving action. The material is distributed over the whole sieving surface. For difficult products, sudden interruption of the sieving action using intermittent drives intensifies the sieving and in many cases reduces the sieving period.

Haver Test Sieve Shakers have no rotating parts, are extremely durable, maintenance free, very adaptable and have a low noise level. Due to the use of a double spring system and cast iron parts, the construction is heavy and sturdy. This avoids unwanted vibrations being transmitted to the stationary parts of the sieve shaker and its stand.

Test Sieve Shakers reproduce the circular and tapping motion of hand sieving, but with an even mechanical action, assuring constant and comparable analyses. They are operated by a vertically mounted, totally enclosed 1/4 hp motor. All machine types are adapted to EC-standards.