Computer Photo Analysis (CPA)

Particle Size Photo/Image Analysis

Accurate measurement of material quality.

The patented HAVER CPA measuring process is used to analyse the size and shape of dry and non-agglomerating particles in bulk materials in the measuring range from 10 µm to 400 mm.

This process can be used as a laboratory, technical centre or online version in many different fields. The CPA technology can be used to analyse coarse and fine materials such as gravel, sand, coke, coal, plastic granules, wood chippings, chemical and pharmaceutical products, fertilisers, foodstuffs and more.
Advantages of using the Haver CPA

HAVER CPA results are absolutely comparable with conventional sieve analysis but offer many advantages including:

  • High reproducibility of the measuring results,
  • Enormous time saving,
  • Additional information relating to grain shapes and the number of particles
  • Low operating costs thanks to low-maintenance technology
  • Diversity of the particle data analysis. HAVER individual particle memory enables different grain shape values to be evaluated for every particle measured and statistical means to be determined in freely selectable grain size classes. All particles of a sample which lie within the measuring range are analysed and can also be counted if required.
  • Easy to use software which runs under all popular Windows operating systems.
  • Wide range of analysis functions as well as evaluation of measuring results and graphical display.
  • Ready to connect to a PLC control system as standard. They can also be integrated into online processes at a later date – without modification.
  • Virtually maintenance-free and works reliably even under extreme conditions.

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