Haver & Boecker / W.S. Tyler

World leaders in wire weaving and particle analysis

Haver and Boecker is a world leader in wire weaving with manufacturing plants in many countries. Their product range includes computer-aided photo analysis (CPA), sieves, sieve shakers and sieve cleaning devices.

Computer Photo Analysis (CPA)

The CPA particle analysers include laboratory, at-line and online systems. These systems analyse over a wide particle size range and include particle shape and number analysis of dry, free-flowing materials.

Using line scan photo analysis technology the CPA guarantees that all particles are detected and analysed. Results are reported in tabular and graphical format and the results are available in many formats for integration with LIMMS and digital control systems. Individual particle images are also stored for shape analysis studies.
Applications for the CPA are found in the following industries: pharmaceutical, food, mining and minerals, aggregate and sand quarries, plastic granules, pelletising plants, chemical, abrasives – any application where it is important to detect the presence of fines in the presence of larger materials.

The CPA conforms to Australian Standard AS 1141.11.2—2008 which describes the use of vision sizing systems for testing aggregates for particle size distribution. The CPA offers testing laboratories a fast, easy method for quality assurance certification of aggregates – reducing labour and increasing throughput.

Test Sieves, Sieve Shakers and associated equipment

Many industrial processing plants manufacturing and controlling products based on particle size still use screening techniques to measure particle size. Haver & Boecker / W.S. Tyler  manufacture a wide range of sieves, sieve shakers, sample splitters and sieve cleaners. Sieves are supplied with conformance certification, calibration certificates, if required, and ISO manufacturing conformance certification.