Particle Analysis Technology and Solutions

Micron Scientific provides instrumentation and consultation for particle and bulk material monitoring. Instrument technologies include particle size analysis, zeta potential and particle imaging including elemental identification.

In addition, Micron Scientific supplies instrumentation for oil in water and soil analysis, and online oil condition monitoring.

Particle Characterisation Instruments

Malvern Instruments

Laser Diffraction Products

Zeta Potential and Dynamic Light Scattering

  • Malvern ZetaSizer Nano ZS (Size, Zeta and Molecular Weight)
  • Malvern ZetaSizer APS (Automated Plate reader)
  • Malvern Zetasizer µV (Protein size and Molecular Weight)
  • Malvern Viscotec TDAmax (GPC/SEC System)
  • Malvern Nanosight Range (NS500, NS300, LM10)

Size and Shape

  • Malvern Morphology G3 and G3ID (High resolution particle size, shape and chemical ID)
  • Malvern Sysmex FPIA3000 (Size and shape in aqueous suspensions)


Haver & Boeker

Environmental  Analysers

Wilks Inc.

  • Oil Contamination
  • BioFuel Analysers
  • Soot in Oil Analyser

Inventive Systems Inc.

  • Oil Sentry (Online Oil In Water Analyser)
  • OilAlarm (Online Oil in Water Analyser)